Dental Braces Orthodontic Treatment

A lot of people around the world are not very happy when they hear the word braces. So, what exactly are dental braces?

Braces are a device used in Orthodontics to straighten or align your teeth and to improve your dental health. They are also used to correct deep bites, under bites, crooked teeth and a lot of other dental issues. With the use of braces, our orthodontic specialist will diagnose, treat, and help prevent any irregularities of the teeth by fixed or removable dental appliances. With the development of clear or invisible aligners, you will not even notice that the other person you are speaking to is wearing them.

Firstly, we need to determine which braces are the best suited for you. In most cases, the invisible braces are ideal and are the most recommended choice. In some cases, the only option is the wire and bracket brace system.

In any case, with every single patient, we put their care at the heart of everything we do and offer the highest level of care and professionalism where possible. We offer many years of professional experience and pride ourselves on having a very friendly family atmosphere in our clinic in the heart of Dublin City on O' Connell Street.

Benefits of Braces 

Not a lot of people like going to the dentist and for a lot of people, the thought of having to wear braces can be a daunting experience. While the function of braces is to straighten out your teeth, they also have a lot of other benefits so here are some of the benefits:


  • They can prevent Gum Disease 

Not taking care of your teeth properly can cause a lot of problems like Gum Disease. Braces will space out your teeth properly, so this will make it easier on you for brushing and flossing in between your teeth, therefore, no food will become lodged in between your teeth causing Gum Disease. Here are some top tips on how to look after your braces correctly.


  • Braces can prevent injury 

Protruding teeth are vulnerable during an accident. The function of braces is to straighten out your teeth, therefore, they will help prevent injury in types of accidents such as car crashes, sports, and an accidental fall.


  • Braces can help with proportions 

Braces can help with a misaligned jaw in two ways:
  • Move your teeth into a better position
  • Makes your jaw and lips more proportionate to your face