Root Canal Treatment

Endodontic treatment is required when the pulp becomes infected or inflamed.
The inflammation may be caused by a variety of reasons:


  • Deep decay
  • A cracked tooth
  • Trauma
Pulp inflammation can lead to an abscess and cause pain. Root Canal Treatment is a procedure for an infected pulp tooth which involves removing the infected dead tissue inside the pulp space, then it can be cleaned and prepared. Your dentist will then fill it with gutta-percha which is a rubber-like material. After the treatment, for protection, the tooth is restored with a filling. inlay (on lay) or a crown. After the tooth is restored, it will continually function like any other tooth.


Benefits of Root Canal Treatment 

If your dentist has informed you that Root Canal Treatment is the way forward for you and for them to save your tooth, then do not fret as this is the best solution. Root Canal Treatment has many benefits here are some of the benefits that are involved:

  • Having Root Canal Treatment will help prevent further infection from spreading as it involves scraping the entire bacteria away.
  • Your constant pain will completely go away as Root Canal Treatment permanently kills the pain.
  • By not removing and saving your tooth with Root Canal Treatment your chewing will become more efficient.
  • Having root canal will prevent your other teeth from strain.
  • Unlike removing a tooth, root canal will leave you with natural biting force and sensation. You can, therefore, go back to normal after a few days.
  • It helps with the formation of an abscess in an infected tooth.


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