Tips for Better Oral Health

Tips for Better Oral Health

Brushing your teeth every morning and night does not guarantee that you are giving your mouth all the attention that it needs. Achieving healthy teeth can take a lifetime of care. Even if you are being told that you have a great set of healthy teeth, it is still vital that you take all the right steps every day to take care of them and prevent any potential problems. In recent times studies have shown that dental disease can be linked to diseases within the body such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. You need to ensure you have the right oral health care products and being mindful of your daily habits. In order to maintain good oral hygiene and take care of your teeth every day, here are some of our helpful tips for better oral health.

  • Brush your Teeth Twice Daily  

Brush your teeth at least 2 times a day morning and night time before bed. It is essential to brush regularly for optimum oral health. Your gum line should be the main focus as plaque generally builds up along here.

  • Use the correct Brushing Technique   

Brushing your teeth the correct way is essential to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Tilt your toothbrush so you are brushing your teeth at 45 degrees angle against the gums.
  • Always brush in a gentle circular motion.
  • Brush the inner tooth surfaces, chewing surfaces, and the outer surfaces of the teeth.
  • Use the tip of the brush to clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth using gentle up and down strokes.
  • Always Floss   

Brushing your teeth alone is not enough. Nothing cleans your teeth better than flossing. Flossing is important as you can reach between your teeth to get to your gums to where plaque buildup is present.

  • Ideally, take off about 18 inches of floss and wind it around the middle fingers of both hands. Tightly hold the floss between your forefingers and thumb.
  • Using a gentle rubbing motion guide the floss between your teeth.
  • Always allow a fresh area of floss after every tooth clean.
  • Create a forward and backward C shape wrapping the floss around each tooth.
  • Repeat method with every tooth.
  • Use Mouthwash daily 

Increase the cleanliness of your mouth by adding a mouthwash into your hygiene routine. Mouthwash can help prevent bacteria and plaque activity on your teeth and gums. It is very beneficial as it will give you a thorough clean even if you are on the go.

  • Brush your Tongue   

Bacteria built up on the tongue can contribute to bad breath. Most toothbrushes have a tongue scraper on the back of the brush so be sure to brush and clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth.

  • Change your Toothbrush Regularly    

It is recommended that you change your toothbrush every 3-4 months. Once you notice the bristles are frayed and it becomes less effective when brushing it is time to change it.

  • Visit the hygienist for a regular clean    

It is important to visit your dentist and dental hygienist for regular professional cleaning and checkup every 6 months.

  • Quit Smoking 

Smoking can cause all sorts of problems for your teeth and gums from bad breath, to staining. This will make it very difficult for your gums to heal. In studies, it has shown that gum disease has been caused by frequent smoking. Due to smoking and its toxins, the tartar can be more aggressive and will destroy tooth tissue quicker.

  • Use Fluoride Toothpaste    

No matter what toothpaste you use, always ensure it contains fluoride. Fluoride is the leading defense against tooth decay. It fights against germs that lead to decay and is a protective barrier for your teeth.

  • Limit acidic and sugary foods    

Sugar converts to acid in the mouth which in turn erodes the enamel of your teeth. These acids are what leads to cavities and discoloration. Acidic fruit, teas, coffees can also wear down tooth enamel. Coffees, teas, wines can also lead to staining of the teeth and professional teeth whitening may be the only way to restore their natural colour. It wouldn’t hurt to be mindful of what you are eating on a daily basis.

Oral health and hygiene are essential for taking care of your teeth the right way. By choosing the right products, improve your brushing technique, and follow our dental hygiene tips you are sure to be on your way to cleanlier and healthier teeth and mouth.